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The next Ryedale Linux User Group meeting will be:

Feb 27th 2012

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RyeLUG is six years old and doing well!


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Ryedale Linux User Group Meetings

Next Meeting

Feb 27th 2012 at The Yard in Malton market place from 19:30 hours.

Last Meeting

We've had a couple of meetings since this page was last updated.  The original gang of four met in October for a good yarn and the same group, minus Fintan, met on the 21st of Nov to have a general chat and look at Dave's home monitoring system.  We decided against a meet in Dec as it would be very close to Xmas and unlikely to be possible for any to attend.  Jan the 16th will now be the date for the next meet.  so I'll wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year!


You can join us to chat via IRC by pointing your IRC client to and joining the channel #ryedale.  At the moment, with so few of us you'll be best waiting for news of organised meets, but feel free to drop in as you might find a couple of us there.  Hopefully these on-line meets will be on a Monday evening starting at roughly 8.00pm.  We hope to chat to you soon.

If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can still join us by using the CGI client below.